Tringalwadi Fort Trek Guide: Discover the Hidden Gem

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Tringalwadi Fort Trek. Nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain range, the Tringalwadi Fort is a treasure trove of history, adventure, and breathtaking beauty.

This guide unravels the mystery of this hidden gem that dates back to the 10th century. From its historical significance to the best time for trekking, from reaching there to exploring the fort’s attractions – we cover everything you need to plan your adventure.

Whether you’re an experienced trekker seeking new terrains or a history enthusiast intrigued by ancient architecture, this guide offers something for everyone.

Prepare yourself for an enchanting journey that meanders through lush landscapes and cascading waterfalls, leading to panoramic views from a hilltop fort. Get ready to uncover the secrets of Tringalwadi Fort and make memories that last a lifetime!

Drone View of the Tringalwadi Fort
Drone View of the Tringalwadi Fort | Photo by My Nashik

Tringalwadi Fort near Igatpuri in Maharashtra is an adventure seeker’s paradise. Nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain range, this historical fortification stands proudly on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape blanketed with lush greenery and cascading waterfalls.

A Hidden Gem

Often referred to as a hidden gem, Tringalwadi Fort is relatively unknown compared to other tourist spots in Maharashtra. Its secluded location adds charm, making it an ideal destination for those seeking tranquillity away from bustling city life. The journey to the fort is equally enchanting, with scenic views of mountains and valleys that make for a memorable road trip.

Historical Significance

Dating back to the 10th century, Tringalwadi Fort holds significant historical importance. Although the exact details of its construction remain unknown, it’s believed to have been a strategic outpost during ancient times due to its vantage point on the hill. This fort is a testament to ancient India’s architectural prowess, making it worth exploring for history buffs and adventure enthusiasts alike.

How To Reach Tringalwadi Fort

Reaching Tringalwadi Fort is an adventure in itself. It is located near Igatpuri, a small town in Maharashtra.

  • By Train: Igatpuri railway station connects to major cities like Mumbai and Pune. You can hire a local cab or auto-rickshaw from the station to the base village.
  • By Road: Tringalwadi Fort is approximately 120 km from Mumbai and 240 km from Pune. The journey offers scenic views of mountains and valleys.
Distance from Igatpuri station to Tringalwadi: 10 kms Approx

Tringalwadi Fort: Best Time to Visit

Temple On Top Of The Fort
Temple On Top Of The Fort | Photo by Akshay Thakur

The ideal time to trek, Tringalwadi Fort is during the post-monsoon and winter seasons, typically from October to February. These months offer a pleasant climate, making the trek more comfortable and enjoyable.

Post-Monsoon Season (October – November)

Post-monsoon, the landscape around Tringalwadi Fort is at its most vibrant. The previously parched terrain is now lush with greenery, and the clear skies offer stunning views of the surrounding mountainscape. The temperatures during this time range between 20°C to 30°C, offering a cool and pleasant climate for trekking.

However, trekkers should be cautious of slippery trails resulting from recent rains. It’s advisable to wear sturdy, grip-soled shoes and to tread carefully.

Winter Season (December – February)

Winters are perfecr, with average temperatures ranging from 12°C to 25°C. This season provides an ideal trekking environment as the weather remains cool throughout the day. The absence of rainfall during this period also means safer and easier trails for trekkers.

There might be a slight chill in the air during early mornings and late evenings. So it’s recommended that trekkers carry light woollens or windcheaters.

While Tringalwadi Fort can be visited anytime, the post-monsoon and winter seasons offer the best conditions for a memorable and comfortable trekking experience.

Tringalwadi: Trek Route & Difficulty

Tringalwadi Fort in Monsoon Season
Tringalwadi Fort in Monsoon Season | Photo by Chetan Rathod

The trek to Tringalwadi Fort is categorized as a moderate difficulty level journey. It usually takes 1-1.5 hours to ascend from the base village to the top of the fort.

The trail starts from a petite temple at the base, progressing through dense forests abundant in diverse flora and fauna. As you climb further, the path gradually evolves into rugged terrain interspersed with patches of rock-cut steps that guide you right up to the fort.

While trekking, starting your journey early in the morning is advisable to avoid the harsh afternoon sun.

Tip for Trekkers

  • Always carry light fleece jackets or windcheaters during early mornings and late evenings due to a slight chill in the air.
  • Start your trek early in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun.
  • Remember, guides are available for this trek. Although not crucial due to its ease, having one can be helpful, especially for first-time trekkers or those unfamiliar with the region.

Exploring Tringalwadi Fort

Tringalwadi Fort Entrance
Tringalwadi Fort Entrance | Photo by Chetan Bhogulkar

Jain Caves of Tringalwadi

Immerse yourself in the region’s rich history by exploring the Jain Caves of Tringalwadi. These historical caves offer a glimpse into the past and are an absolute must-visit during your trek.

Castle Ruins on the Fort

Once at the top, you will find the ruins of ancient structures, including a temple. These remnants tell tales of a time long gone and are fascinating to explore. Make sure to take your time to appreciate their historical significance.

Water Tanks on Tringalwadi Fort

Learn more about the ingenious water storage techniques used in ancient times by visiting the water tanks at Tringalwadi Fort. These tanks were crucial for survival in this region and offered a valuable lesson in resource management.

Sights to Behold

Once at the top of Tringalwadi Fort, an enchanting vista awaits you:

  1. Fort Ruins: The fort houses ruins of ancient structures, including temples and caves, which echo tales of its glorious past.
  2. Panoramic View: The hilltop offers an excellent view of Kalsubai Peak (the highest peak in Maharashtra) and Kulangadda.
  3. Cave Temples: The fort has several cave temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.


In conclusion, Tringalwadi Fort is more than just a destination; it’s an immersive experience that intertwines history’s threads with nature’s breathtaking beauty. This hidden gem houses ancient ruins and cave temples and offers panoramic views of Kalsubai Peak and Kulangadda. The journey to the fort is about reaching the top, capturing memories in your camera, and leaving footprints behind.

The trek might be easy, but the picturesque scenery and serene beauty make it worth every step. Remember, no shops are available on the route, so carry sufficient water and snacks. Trekkers are advised to wear comfortable shoes for easy navigation through rough terrains and check weather forecasts before planning their visit.

We encourage everyone to visit Tringalwadi Fort and discover this offbeat trekking spot. Not only sometimes gets a chance to explore such an intriguing blend of history and nature’s splendour. The trip promises an unforgettable experience, so pack your bags, lace up your trekking shoes, and prepare to go on a memorable journey!


Tringalwadi Fort, also known as Tringalwadi Gad, holds a rich historical significance. It was built during the Maratha period and served as a watchtower to monitor the trade routes passing through the region. The fort changed hands several times, with various Maratha and Mughal rulers controlling it over the years. Today, the fort is a testimony to the region’s history. It offers trekkers a chance to explore its past while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

Tringalwadi Fort is situated approximately 10 kilometres away from Igatpuri, making it a convenient and popular destination for trekking enthusiasts. The journey from Igatpuri to Tringalwadi can be easily covered by road, taking around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.

The Tringalwadi Fort trek is considered to be of easy difficulty. While the trail presents some steep sections and uneven terrain, it is suitable for both novice trekkers and experienced hikers. Proper trekking footwear and basic fitness are recommended to make the journey comfortable. During the monsoon season, the path might become slippery, adding a bit of a challenge. Still, the overall experience is rewarding, with panoramic views awaiting at the summit.

The Tringalwadi Fort trek covers approximately 3 to 4 kilometres from the base village. The trekking trail passes through lush greenery, rocky terrains, and a picturesque landscape. Trekkers usually take around 2 to 3 hours to complete the ascent, allowing ample time to soak in the natural beauty and capture memorable moments.


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