Aadrai Jungle Trek – 5 Important things you need to know

Aadrai Jungle Trek
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Aadrai Jungle trek is one of the new treks that has been gaining fame off-late by trekkers and trekking organisations in Maharashtra.

It is a trek that takes you through the jungle and vegetation of Malshej ghat. It has a lot of things to offer, especially during the monsoon months.

Someone who has just started trekking can easily do this trek.

You will come across many water streams, local villages & waterfalls on this trek, which is an enthralling sight for anyone.

The trek is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling in Sahyadris and should be on everyone’s list this monsoon!

  • Region: Malshej Ghat
  • Difficulty: Easy (Involves long hours of walking)
  • Best Season: Monsoon
  • Base Village: Khireshwar

How to reach Aadrai Jungle?

The trail starts from Khireshwar village, which is also the starting point of Harishchandragad. 

To reach Khireshwar village, you can drive in your private vehicle; the distance from Mumbai is around 130 – 150 kms, and it takes 3 – 3.5 hours.

Alternatively, you can travel via local train to Kasara or Kalyan & hire a local cab to Khireshwar.

Thirdly, you can also get down at Kalyan, take a bus to Khubi phata & from there take another bus to Khireshwar. (This option is a bit tricky, as the frequency of the buses is very low.)

Trek Route & Difficulty

The Aadrai Jungle trek is an easy trek, and anyone can do it. There might be problems for someone new to following a proper trail; however, one can hire a local guide to do the hike.

The route is about 7.5 kms long and will take 3.5 – 4.5 hours to finish the trek with ample breaks.

The trail starts from the main road; On the right side, you will see tall mountains and 3-4 waterfalls flowing from the top.

You pass through the houses of the villages and enter a plateau region; throughout the trail, you will cross many water streams. After an hour of hiking, you will reach the dense jungle, and this is where it gets exciting, and you enjoy the best part of the trek.

On this trek, you will encounter the majestic Kalu waterfall on various occasions.

Important Information

  1. Ramblr Route Link (Do Note: There are many different routes one can take; however, they all start from Khireshwar village)
  2. Contact details for local villagers who will provide guidance and expertise and arrange your food and stay. (They only speak and understand Marathi and a minimal Hindi)
    1. Balu Memane: 9158540512
    2. Balu: +91-8329692464
  3. Apparently, a villager who lost his was in the jungle discovered the Aadrai jungle trek.
  4. You can also stop at Malshej ghat at various waterfalls & viewpoints before or after the trek.
  5. There are no significant hotels where you can have meals in the village. Small food stalls serve snacks, Maggi noodles and local delicacies.

Video about the mystical trek

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