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Jan 26
Kedarkantha Trek: Top 7 Reasons for an Epic Winter Journey

Escape to winter paradise with Kedarkantha Trek! Explore 7 reasons why this trek is the epitome of a thrilling cold-weather trek.

Jun 08
Trekking Shoes: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Discover the Perfect Trekking Shoes: Expert tips, reviews, and recommendations for top-quality trekking shoes. Start your adventure today.

Jun 28
5 Eco-friendly Substitute for Plastic Bags For Trekkers

It’s the monsoon season and the arguably the best time to trek in the Sahyadris, where everything is lush green and the views are magical from most of these treks. But with the monsoon treks comes a challenge of staying dry on these treks. It’s almost impossible to keep yourself dry but it’s important to […]

May 18
7 Must Have Travel Songs On Every Trekker’s Playlist

We know trekking is all about enjoying the nature and its beauty, but sometimes we all need to listen to songs to find our solace or to get us motivated while trekking. These 7 travel songs are must have songs in your playlist. Listen to them and share with your friends & fellow trekkers! 1) Cartoon […]

Sep 27
Trekking Groups in Mumbai for your next Adventure!

Are you planning your next weekend adventure? This article lists the best trekking groups that you should choose for your next trek in India.

Apr 01
5 Important Trekking Tips Every Regular Trekker Should Follow

Nature is as challenging as it is beauteous, and the highlands even more so. A trek or a hike often presents steep inclines, dense woods, running streams which need to be crossed by rickety wooden bridges. While in the wild, it is imperative to look out for oneself first because out there, you are on […]

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