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Mumbai is one of the trekking hubs in the Maharashtra region, one of the reasons being it’s surrounded by the Sahyadris Range on the west. This is the reason there are many treks that start from outskirts of Mumbai. Are you a regular trekker? or have just begun trekking or have no clue about trekking? We have made a list of 6 Trekking Groups to make sure your treks near Mumbai and treks in India are a great experience.

Check out these 6 Trekking Groups in Mumbai

Trekking Groups in Mumbai

Treks and Trails was established in August 2012. The founders were on an unplanned trip, just 3 passionate friends. In one of their discussion Treks and Trails was born. The methodology not being commercial but a Social Initiative. TreksandTrails, India is a growing outdoor and adventure company in Maharashtra India. Treks and Trails, India is a growing outdoor and adventure company in Maharashtra India. It is one of the pioneers when it comes to Trekking Groups in Mumbai.

Treks and Trails, India caters to various activities such as trekking, forest trails, Cycling, high altitude trekking, paragliding, Suba diving, Andaman tours, corporate team building events. They also conduct awareness about rural developmental. Assist as volunteers for a beach cleanup and conducting free Medical camps in rural Maharashtra.

Visit their website to know more about the treks near Mumbai that they organise every weekend. 

Sahyadri Rangers

SAHYADRI RANGERS is a national adventure organization with expertise in Adventure activities across the nation specializing in Sahyadri, Western Ghats and Himalayas.
We understand that one size does not fit all and therefore we bring to you the freedom and flexibility to roam around. We offer events in Hiking, Trekking, Bike riding, Fort camping, Beach Camping, Scuba Diving, Climbing and many more treks near Mumbai.
Nothing beats the simple rhythm of gentle hiking, flawless climbing, soothing camping and good fellowship in beautiful places. We aim to give you the best adventure experiences of your lifetime.
For contact details & their latest events, click here.

T Trikon

Travel Trikon is all about creating the best experience for everyone who chooses to be a part of their journey, each and every time. ‘Going that extra mile’ for their clients is not just a catchphrase, but their core operating mantra and that’s why they are one of the fun Trekking Groups in Mumbai.

They love what they do, and that’s why they are good at it! Proud to be travel junkies at heart, Travel Trikon is always super-excited to share the journey and create magic.

For Travel Trikon, fun is serious business, very serious. So rest assured, there is hardly a dull moment when you hop on aboard the Travel Trikon wagon. 

To contact them & book their latest events, click here.

Mumbai Trekkers

A Trek Group in Maharashtra. We started operating officially back in 2015 and have organised more 250 events so far. We are not just into organizing Treks but we also organize Camping, Waterfall Rappelling, River Rafting, Backpacking Tours and much more. Our team is committed towards your safety and overall good experience.

A decade ago, trekking was not as popular as it is now, social media and other digital platforms made a huge difference and trekking gained momentum. However, people were still hesitant to go because of two main reasons, Lack of Information and Affordability.

When our founders started Mumbai Trekkers, they had already documented more than 50 different treks for themselves, and even though the information is easily available online, using that information is not easy for everyone when they go on treks, hence our founders decided to start organizing treks for people and at the same time kept exploring new treks.

To contact them & book their latest events, click here.

Hiker Wolf

Hikerwolf has become a character of a lot of travel journeys and one thing that we’re sure of is that we deliver happiness. With each trip and adventure, we’ve seen shining smiles and an overdose of laughter packed with wistful memories.

We based our foundation in 2016, and since then we have been spreading the warmth of happiness and bringing people closer with the outer family.
Hikerwolf organizes corporate trips, treks, camping events, holiday trips, college industrial visits and other adventure, and travel events.

Let’s assure your trust with us by presenting you a few stats from our database:

  1. 73% of the people who trek with us are beginners.
  2. 82% of the trippers join us solo and end up building bonds with new people, which have turned out to be bonded for life
  3. 86% are freshers who eventually become a part of our growing family.
  4. And last but not least, which we love to boast about, 92% of our clients are repeat customers.

To contact them & book their latest events,, click here.

Trek Panda

We at TrekPanda are a modern travel community that provides end to end travel packages across PAN India. We design the best travel itineraries that encourage group traveling for like-minded people. Our services include road trips, trekking expeditions, corporate trips, and customized tour packages.

On our trips, we ensure hassle-free traveling, top-notch accommodation and guided sightseeing that too in a budget that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Just give us your dates and be ready to experience traveling like never before.

Visit their website,


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