Kataldhar Waterfall – 4 Important things you need to know

kataldhar waterfall
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Kataldhar waterfall in Lonavala has been off the maps for quite some time. But in the past few years, many local trek organisers and independent trekkers have been going here due to its increase in popularity yearly.

The waterfall is seasonal and is at its peak during August; however, one can go here from July to September.

The waterfall flows from a height of 350ft, making it a sight to behold, and it can also be seen from the top of Rajmachi fort.

It is one of our favourite waterfalls treks in Maharashtra because it involves a trek through the dense jungle & the beauty of the Kataldhar waterfall is unparalleled.

There is also a cave behind the waterfall, which can be accessed when the waterfall’s flow is less.

How to reach Kataldhar Waterfall

Located near Lonavala, one can reach here via public and private transport. It is very easy to reach because the start point of the waterfall is on the way to the Rajmachi fort base village; hence many rickshaws from the main Lonavala market travel back & forth, dropping off the people for the Rajmachi trek as well as Kataldhar waterfall.


Public Transport:

You can take a bus to Lonavala from Mumbai or Pune; many MSRTC buses ply this route at regular intervals.

The cost can vary from INR 200 to INR 400, depending on the type of bus.

There are also trains running from Mumbai & Pune to Lonavala regularly.

From Lonavala, you can hire a shared jeep/rickshaw to the start point; inform the driver about the same & they will drop you off at the exact start point.


Private Vehicle:

Drive to Lonavala is like a ritual for people from Mumbai & Pune; hence you can also travel to the start point by vehicle.

Distance from Mumbai is approximately 90 kms and will take around 2-2.5 hours to reach.

Distance from Pune is around 73 kms and will also take around 2 hours to reach.

Kataldhar Trek start point on Google Maps (You will find stalls at the trek start point & 2 mango trees.)

Trek Route & Difficulty

kataldhar waterfall
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The trek can be considered moderately difficult because it is through a dense jungle, and there are chances of getting lost if one does not follow a proper route; however, the trail is well marked with ribbons and tapes making it easier for people to trek on their own.

This trek nowadays has gotten very famous so that you will find some people going on the trek at any given point.

Unlike most of the treks in Maharashtra, one must go down first towards the waterfall & has to climb on the way back.

The trek is around 9 kms long both ways and can take between 4-6 hours to complete depending on one’s fitness condition.

You will come across various streams and mini waterfalls along the way, where you can take breaks and enjoy the trek.

There are also food stalls near the waterfall set up by the local villagers where you can eat Maggi or drink tea.

Important Information

kataldhar waterfall
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  1. People have been charged a fee of INR 200 for bikes and INR 500 for cars because, apparently, you can’t take your vehicle to the trek start point. 
  2. It can be risky to near the cave or the waterfall’s base because it tends to get slippery, and the flow is sometimes huge.
  3. Beginners are advised to go with trekking groups or trekkers who have experience trekking in the Sahyadris.
  4. It is not advisable to trek here in heavy rains as there have been instances of flash floods.
  5. Here’s the trek route on Ramblr: Click Here.

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