Plus Valley Trek – A Complete Guide of this hidden gem

plus valley
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Plus Valley is a reasonably uncommon trekking spot in Maharashtra. The valley is surrounded by towering mountains on all four sides and looks like a plus symbol from the viewing point; hence, it gets the name Plus Valley.

It is a moderately challenging trek that leads you to a naturally formed infinity pool, where one can swim, try cliff jumping & camp for the night.

This place is one of the hidden gems of Maharashtra & off the usual trekking map & it is the starting point of the famous Devkund waterfall.

Location: Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra

Difficulty: Moderate

Best Season: Winters (Not possible to go here during the monsoons because of the rains & the water levels in the valley.)


How to reach?

The best way to reach Plus Valley is via private vehicle, as the start point of the trek is off the Tamhini ghat road.

Starting Point: (There is a small hut-like structure built next to the starting point.)

The distance from Mumbai is around 160 km & will take around 4-5 hours to reach. Get Directions

From Pune, it is about 65 km & will take around 2-2.5 hours to reach. Get Directions

Parking Spot:


To reach via public transport from Mumbai, you can take a bus from Mumbai heading towards Kolad, get down & take another bus from Kolad heading towards Pune via Tamhini Ghat. 

It is a very time-consuming option hence it is recommended to go here via a private vehicle.

From Pune, you can take a local bus heading towards Kolad & get down at the starting point.

(Note: This is not a stop on the bus route; hence you will have to inform the bus conductor about it just when you are about to reach the starting point to stop the bus)

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Trek Route & Difficulty

plus valley
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The trek to reach the canyon & pond area is not challenging regarding endurance; however, there are chances of getting lost on the trail. Travelling to this place with an experienced trekker or in a group is advised. 

(There are arrows marked on the boulders along the route.)

The entire trek will take around 2 hours with enough breaks in between.

The initial part of the trek is descending through the rocky patch, and then, after 20-30 mins, you reach a flat-surface-like area where you have to walk through dry grass, rock bed & boulder hopping. 

The descent is somewhat similar to that on Sandhan Valley; the only difference here is you will see vegetation.

You will come across the first pond, where anyone can swim, the water level isn’t deep & is suitable for everyone; however, we recommend to know swimming or have people around who can swim. You can also camp near this spot.

At a distance of 200-300M from this pond lies the main pond where you can do cliff jumping, swim & have fun.

Note: The depth of this pond is around 20 feet. Only people who can swim should take a dip here.

Exact Location:

Plus Valley Trek Video


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