Tandulwadi – A Complete trek guide

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Tandulwadi, the fort, gets its name from the base village of the trek. Located on the northern side of Mumbai, this is one of Maharashtra’s lesser-known treks but is equally beautiful as any other trek.

It is a perfect one-day trek that offers majestic views of the Kohoj fort, Takmak fort, Asherigad and the Vaitarna river, which is also one of the significant sources of Mumbai’s drinking water.

The fort stands tall at 1524 ft above sea level; most of the fortification is destroyed.

According to Wikipedia, the earliest known background of the fort occurred around the time of the 15th century (about 1429) under the administration of Jafar Khan, the son of Ahmed Shah of the Gujarat Sultanate.

  • Height: 1524 ft.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Region: Palghar 
  • Base Village: Tandulwadi

How To Reach

Located in the Palghar district, the closest local railway station to the base village is Saphale. 

Public Transport

You can board a train to Virar from Churchgate/Dadar & from here you can take another train to Saphale. Alternatively, there are direct trains from Borivali to Saphale; however, the frequency of these trains is significantly less; hence, it is advised to take a train to Virar.

From the Saphale bus stop, you can take a local rickshaw or a bus to Tandulwadi village; the distance is around 7 km and takes about 30 minutes to reach.

Private Vehicle:

The distance from Mumbai is around 70-80 kms and can take about 2 hours to reach via NH48. Get Directions.

You can have your breakfast/lunch at Saphale station.

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Trek Route & Difficulty

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The trek is moderately complex and will take 4-4.5 hours to complete the climb, descend with proper breaks, and enjoy the fort. The trek distance is around 7-7.5 kms.

The trek starts from the exit on the left side of the Gram Panchayat office & will take around an hour of gradual walk to reach the first plateau section of the trek. The treks then take you through dense forest trails and rocky patches.

There are multiple trails on the route; hence it is advisable to hire a local guide from the village to help you on the trail.

The guide can also help you with local food arrangements. There are no proper hotels in and around the village; however, you can find food stalls.

At the top of the fort, you can see water tanks, a weapons storage room and the fort’s remains.

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Tandulwadi Trek Video


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