Gorakhgad Trek – 5 Important Things To Know Before Going

If you’re thinking of trekking to Gorakhgad, 5 essential things to know before departure are:

  • The Gorakhgad Trek is a strenuous and popular trek that takes place in Sahyadris, Maharashtra
  • There are many routes that can be walked, but the easiest route begins from the village of Dehari, Maharashtra.
  • The route is well known for its difficulty, with many sections proving challenging even for experienced hikers.
Gorakhgad & Machindragad
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Gorakhgad trek is one of the most thrilling treks in Maharashtra in the Thane district. This trek should be on every trekker’s bucket list. The hike is famous for its 360-degree views of the Sahyadri range and offers a massive, jaw-dropping 80-degree climb at the very end.

Gorakhgad is next to its twin fort Machindragad & both these forts served as surveillance for the route between Junnar & Naneghat, one of the most critical trading routes in ancient times.

You can do the trek throughout the year; however, if you are not an experienced trekker, you should avoid monsoons as the trail, and the rock section tends to get very slippery and needs the expertise to tread through.

  • Altitude: 2130 ft.
  • Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
  • Base Village: Dehari
  • Best Season: Winter

How To Reach Gorakhgad?

Gorakhgad Trek Top View
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Gorakhadgad is near Dehari village in the Thane district, and the closest town is Murbad. You can reach Gorakhgad easily via public & private transport. 

Public Transport:

The closest railway station to the fort is Kalyan, and you can get many local trains to Kalyan from Dadar/CST/Thane. From Kalyan, you need to take a bus to Murbad & from Murbad bus station, you can take either a bus or a rickshaw Mhasha & from there take another rickshaw to Dehari village. It will take around 1.5 hours to reach Dehari village from Kalyan station.

Private Transport:

You can take your vehicle to the base village as it has parking facilities. Distance from the western suburbs of Mumbai is around 120 KM and can take about 3 hours to reach. Click here to Get Directions.

From Pune, the distance is about 154 KM and can take approximately 3.5-4 hours to reach. Click here to get directions.

Gorakhgad Trek Difficulty & Route

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The trek distance is around 7-7.5 kms, and it can take approximately 4-5 hours to reach the top and come back, including breaks in between.

At the start of the trail, there is an entry gate next to the Gorakshnath temple. The trail leads you into the forest section, the entire trail is well-marked, and no guide is required. The forest trail is the easiest part of the trek.

After the end of the forest section, you reach the main start point of the final climb to the fort. At the start, you will see multiple signboards explaining the trek and the temple.

The first patch of the rock-cut steps is relatively easy and leads to the fort’s main gate. The 2nd rock-cut patch starts from here and is a risky section because of the narrow path & no protection on the sides. After the end of this section, there is a cave where you can rest & then make your final push for the peak of the fort.

This last section of the trek is challenging, and one needs to be extremely careful while climbing through this rock patch. This patch will take around 10-15 mins to complete and reach the top.
At the top of the fort is a Shiva temple that offers majestic views of the Sahyadri range.

Important Information

Gorakhgad Main Entry Gate
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  1. The endurance level for the trek is moderate; however, you need to have enough experience to hike through the tricky sections of the hike.
  2. You can also trek overnight, reach the base of the fort & start early morning the next day to enjoy the sunrise from the top.
  3. Link to the route on Ramblr: Trek Route
  4. Trekking down the fort is more difficult because of the sheer drop on the rock patch. If you are a beginner trekker, you should go here with someone who has experience trekking in Maharashtra.

Drone Shotes of the trek

In conclusion, Gorakhgad Trek is an excellent way to experience the beauty of Maharashtra. It offers a great trek route with difficulty levels that range from easy to very difficult. Additionally, there are important information and advice that should be considered before starting this journey.

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