Sudhagad Fort – Complete Trekking Guide

sudhagad fort
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Sudhagad fort, also known as Bhorapgad, is a hill fort located in the Pali district of Maharashtra. A colossal fort was once considered an option to become the Maratha empire’s capital under Shivaji Maharaja’s regime. Still, he decided against it and chose Raigad as the capital because of its location.

It is one of the few forts that have a vast plateau on the top

On top of the fort, you can see temples dedicated to Lord Shiva & Bhoraidevi, two ponds, a secret escape route, Pantsachiv wada(where people stayed), Maha Darwaza & much more.

The fort is at an altitude of 1970 ft. & is considered a relatively easy trek. Sudhagad has a lot to offer & after reaching the plateau, you atleast require an hour to explore the fort.

  • Best Season: Monsoon & Winter (Winter for camping overnight)
  • Altitude: 1970 ft.
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
  • Base Village: Thakurwadi

How To Reach?

Located near Thakurwadi village, which is approximately 16 kms (30 mins) from Pali, you can quickly get to the base village by car or public transport from Mumbai & Pune.

Public Transport:

There are two ways you can get to Thakurwadi.

First: Take a train to Karjat and then to Khopoli; from Khopoli, take a local ST bus to Pali. You can hire a private vehicle or board another bus to Thakurwadi.

Second: You can take a bus to Khopoli from Mumbai, then take a local ST bus to Pali. You can hire a private vehicle or board another bus to Thakurwadi.

One way’s travel time is around 4-5 hours via public transport.

Private Vehicle:

The distance from Mumbai & Pune is around 120 km & can take around 3-3.5 hours to reach Thakurwadi village. You can park your vehicle in the village, there are no parking charges.

Get Directions from Mumbai.

Get Directions from Pune.

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Trek Route & Difficulty

sudhagad fort
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Sudhagad fort is an easy one-day trek and suitable for beginners as well.

However, if you want, you can camp overnight in the fort and return to the base village the next day.

The trek distance is around 3.5 kms to reach the top, and it will take approximately 2-2.5 hours with ample breaks.

The trek starts from Thakurwadi village (you will find signs pointing towards the trail of the fort).

The initial trek goes through plain farming lands & after 15 mins, you enter the thick forest; here, you will come across the first ladder section & stone steps section on the trail.

After the forest section, you reach another iron ladder which leads to proper steps made out of stone, leading you to the fort’s entry.

You can make your food arrangements at the top where you camp with the help of the local caretaker who stays at the wada on top of the fort.

Here’s a link to the GPX file of the route on Ramblr.

Sudhagad Fort Trek Video


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