Travel To The Mystical Dzukou Valley And Living Root Bridges

ChaloHoppo, An experiential travel company that crafts authentic local experiences with a focus on alternative accommodations like campsites and homestays, based out of Guwahati, in association with Nomads of India brings a trek to the ‘Enchanting Land of Dzukou Valley & Living Root Bridges.’

Dzukou Lily or not, Dzukou Valley will remain enchanting, as you trek to see the carpeted valley spread between the states of Manipur and Nagaland. Move over to Meghalaya where you walk down 3000 steps into the magical world to witness the most amazing work of symbiosis between man and nature. If you have a good pair of knees then you will be accessing a parallel universe that is Nongriat village. Start preparing today!

About Dzukou Valley & Living Root Bridges:

One of the lesser known valley of flowers that spreads like a carpet, changing colour with the seasons is a trekkers wonderland. At approximately 8000 feet you can see rivulets, flowers, herbs and shrubs spread across Dzukou’s lap. With the scenic and quaint villages of Zakhama and Viswema serving as bases for starting the trek, your experience of being one with nature starts the moment you arrive in Nagaland.
On the other hand, in the depths of Cherrapunji, abundant with beautiful streams, lush vegetation, pretty butterflies and great people, Nongriat is home to the world famous double decker living root bridges made out of living rubber trees. Oh!and you must not miss out on the completely natural and free fish pedicure.


Day 1: Land in Guwahati and take the train to Dimapur.

This day may seem a little longer as you get off your flight to catch your overnight train to Dimapur. This is the most convenient and economical way to reach Dimapur and hence recommended.

Day 2: Trekking up from Jakhama

As you reach Dimapur station early in the morning, your vehicle picks you up to drop you to the starting point of the trek via the Jakhama route. This is a shorter and a little more physically challenging way to climb up to the valley but recommended because of the stark and amazing view of the valley it presents upon reaching the top.

Reach the valley, sip on some hot tea and enjoy some soupy noodles before admiring the valley.

Dzukou Valley Night Sky – Image: Sayannath

Day 3: Trekking to the caves and exploring the valley

Wake up early and begin your trek from the base camp to the valley and go as you like. Describing this experience would do injustice to the real deal, hence we let you fill this up yourself. Start your trek back to Kohima, this time via the Viswema route, a longer but less tiring walk and go up to the point where the vehicle awaits to take you back to Kohima city. Head back and put your feet up in the comfortable lodge and admire the view it offers.

Dzukou Valley
Dzukou Valley – Image: Shantanu Baruah

Day 4: Walking in Kohima and returning to Guwahati

Wake up to some lal chai and good breakfast before we set out on a walking tour of Kohima city visiting the war memorial, cathedral and some underground local bar before you board your vehicle to Dimapur to catch the overnight train to Guwahati. Upon reaching Dimapur get some good early dinner and check out a few pubs in the dry city!

Day 5: Driving to Cherrapunji

Drive down from Guwahati to Cherrapunji, stopping on the way to view the Umiam lake and enjoy local fruits among other awesomeness. By afternoon begin your journey to Tyrna village, 20 minutes drive from Cherrapunji which acts as the base point for the double decker trek. Trek down 3000 steps to reach Nongriat village. Take rest along the way and complete the downward walk in 1.5 hours. Behold the double decker root bridge and relax in the homestay.

Double Decker Bridge
Double Decker Bridge – Image: Dhiraj Sanil

Day 6: Trekking back to Cherrapunji and experiencing a bohemian resort+

Today is for you to simply do nothing unless you want to go sightseeing. In the evening, relax around the bonfire and have a drink or two, with the clouds passing by and listen to some really talented local guys playing some live old school rock and acoustics.

Cost: ₹14,999/- per person (Use the code, CHALONOMADS to get an exclusive discount of ₹1,000/- while booking for the event)


  • Batch 1: 11th August 2017 to 16th August 2017
  • Batch 2: 1st September 2017 to 6th September 2017

Vacation Style/Holiday Type: Hiking, Jungle, Trekking

Group Size: Medium Group (16-30)

Activity Level: Challenging

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