Top passes in India that are worth trekking

Trekking in the Himalayas in India is an experience of a lifetime. Here you wander not only to just escape but to discover yourself. The movements of clouds, the patches of lush green forests, the crystal clear snow and views of some great mountains will mesmerise you, as you resiliently trek on these top ten passes of India.

Hampta Pass
Photo by Sakre Cubes
  1. REGION: Himachal Pradesh
  2. DURATION: 5 days
  3. GRADE: Easy to Moderate
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 14,100 Ft.
  6. BEST TIME TO GO: May to October

Hampta Pass lies in the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas. It connects two beautiful valleys – Lahaul and Kullu. Hampta Pass got its name from Hampta village, which is located below Sethan village.

This trek offers various changing landscapes from vertical rock walls, waterfalls, to thick pine forests, open meadows and hanging glaciers and tiny lakes. Even beginners can try this trek as it is a moderate trek.

The trek doesn’t require technical expertise but the terrain is quite rocky and undulated. In winter, the trail will have snow at higher sections. This trek provides all the beautiful landscapes that one wishes to see on the Himalayas.

Kuari Pass Forest Trail
Photo by Akhil
  1. REGION: Uttarakhand
  2. DURATION: 6 Days
  3. GRADE: Easy To Moderate
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 12,763 Ft.
  6. BEST TIME TO GO: November to March

Kuari mountain pass is located in the GARHWAL region of UTTARAKHAND. It lies to the south of the Tibetan Plateau and is within the enchanting Nanda Devi National Park.

The path to the pass is also known as Curzon’s Trail in honour of Lord Curzon who first travelled on it. Kuari Pass is world-renowned for offering clear views of some highly prominent mountains, such as Nanda Devi, Kamet, Trishul and Dunagiri.

The trek begins from Joshimath, in the Chamoli district of the Himalayas, which has evolved into the hub for trekkers and pilgrims. Confluences of several rivers – the Pinder, Kaliganga, Nandakini, Birehiganga and Dhauli Ganga make up the Pancha-Prayag.

The trek then proceeds through small remote Himalayan villages. Walking along the Curzon trail through these villages is a great way to get acquainted with the life of the mountain folks. The trees are ablaze in the yellow-orange colours of autumn, striking a deep contrast to the blue-brown mountains and the snow caps.

On this trek, one walks through gorgeous jungles of Oak and Deodar trees. And these jungles, of course, are house to some wildlife. Pug marks of leopards or Himalayan black bears can be sighted in the forests. Rhododendron trees, which bear flowers of a fiery red colour, are also found in abundance in these mountains.

The truly refreshing part of the trek is while walking through the luxurious Himalayan meadows, called ‘Bugyals’ in the local tongue.


trekking near delhi
  1. REGION: Himachal Pradesh
  2. DURATION: 5 Days
  3. GRADE: Easy
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 9,842 Ft.
  5. BEST TIME TO GO: March to April, November to December

Situated at a wondrous height of 2,900M above the sea level, the Bhubu Pass Trek is an important trail that connects the Chuhar and Lagh valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

With moderate difficulty level, the trek to this enthralling pass is filled with numerous fun and excitement. Taking you through scenic forests, alpine ridges, pictorial countryside and gurgling streams, this 5-days trek is an ideal way to reach and discover the stunning beauty of the pass.

Also, within the trek, you can enjoy spectacular views of several ranges, snow-capped peaks and much more local villages.


Chandrakhani Pass
Photo by Manisha Arora
  1. REGION: Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  2. DURATION: 5 Days
  3. GRADE: Moderate to Challenging
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 11,811 Ft.
  5. BEST TIME TO GO: May to November

The Malana – Chaderkhani trek begins at Naggar and after crossing the Chanderkhani Pass at 3600m, the trail heads to the Malana village, famous for its distinct and very reserved social culture.

This trek is laden with a bunch of beautiful alpine pastures offering gorgeous views of some of the highest snow covered mountain peaks and open valleys. The trail requires walking through the Blue Pine and Deodar, walnut, golden Oak and Wild Cherry.

The Bara bangal range towers high in the west while the Pir Panjal range falls in the north and Parvati in the east.

  1. REGION: Uttarakhand to Himachal
  2. DURATION: 8 Days
  3. GRADE: Moderate-Difficult
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 15,250 Ft.
  6. BEST TIME TO GO: May (last week) to June (end), September (mid) to October (end)

Rupin Pass is a high altitude trek which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla. This trek is highly popular as there are a diversified number of sceneries and sudden variations in trails.

The trails at times are very difficult with its steep climbs which suddenly changes to an easy walk. It offers trek to every type of terrain, be it on snow, rocky terrain, along and through the water streams or meadows.

Surprises on the trek:

  1. Waterfalls views: You will encounter many waterfalls and stream through the trek. The best of the sights you will face at Rupin Valley which is of thousands of waterfalls flowing down through such a height that it appears as they are falling straight from the sky.
  2. Jhaka Village, A Hanging Village: it is a unique positioned village at the utmost edge of the mountain making it appear to hang through the cliff.
  3. Snow Bridges: The feeling of walking on the snow bridges you come across is another enhancement to the variety of the treks. You will come across numerous snow bridges on the trek.
  4. Lush Forests: The trek at various places also passes through the forests of Fir, Rhododendron & Oak. The entrance and exit to the forests are again very sudden.
  5. View of Kinner Kailash: You will get mesmerised by the views of lofty Kailash Peak while you reach towards the end of Rupin Pass trek.
Hiking in the snow on the Bali Pass
Photo by Ankit Raj
  1. REGION: Uttarakhand
  2. DURATION: 8-9 Days
  3. GRADE: Difficult
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 16,240 Ft. (5,227M)
  5. TREKKING DISTANCE: 55 – 60 kms
  6. BEST TIME TO GO: April – June & September – November

The Bali Pass Trek is a challenging and exhilarating trekking adventure in the Garhwal region of the Indian Himalayas. This high-altitude trek offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, pristine alpine meadows, and dense forests, making it a popular choice among adventure enthusiasts.

The trek begins from the picturesque village of Sankri. It takes you through remote villages, gushing rivers, and dense pine forests. As you ascend higher, the landscape transforms into vast meadows adorned with colourful wildflowers and grazing sheep. The trail then leads to the base camp at Ruinsara, a beautiful lake surrounded by towering mountains.

From Ruinsara, the trek continues towards the Bali Pass, which sits at approximately 4,950 meters. This trek section requires careful navigation and involves crossing glaciers, steep slopes, and rocky terrains. However, the efforts are rewarded with awe-inspiring panoramic views of peaks like Swargarohini, Kalanag, and Bandarpoonch.

After conquering the pass, the descent begins, taking you through the remote villages of Yamunotri and Hanuman Chatti. The trek finally concludes at the holy town of Yamunotri, where you can dip in the natural hot springs to relax and rejuvenate.

The Bali Pass Trek is a challenging but immensely rewarding journey, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and a sense of accomplishment for those seeking an adventure in the Himalayas.

  1. Max Altitude: 13,800 Ft.
  2. Average Trekking Fees: INR 7000 – INR 12,000 + GST (Per Person)
  3. Distance: 48 – 50 kms
  4. Difficulty: Moderate
  5. Duration: 5-6 days
  6. Ideal For: Experienced Trekkers
  7. Best Season: April – June
  8. Region: Himachal Pradesh

The Sar Pass Trek is a popular Himalayan trek in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. The distance of the trek is approximately 48 kilometres; this trek offers a thrilling and picturesque adventure for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

The trek begins from the quaint village of Kasol, known for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. Trekkers from Kasol traverse through dense pine forests, crossing gushing streams and charming meadows. The trail gradually ascends, leading trekkers to higher altitudes.

One of the highlights of the trek is the crossing of the Sar Pass itself, situated at an altitude of about 4,220 meters. This challenging section requires traversing steep slopes and snow-covered terrain, offering trekkers a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the pass.

The journey also includes mesmerizing views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, including Sar Pass, Tosh Glacier, and Parvati Valley. Trekkers are treated to breathtaking panoramic vistas throughout the trek, creating unforgettable memories.

Depending on the chosen itinerary, the trek usually takes 5-6 days to complete. Campsites along the route provide a tranquil setting for trekkers to rest, enjoy bonfires, and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

With its stunning landscapes, thrilling challenges, and a glimpse into the local culture, the trek is a remarkable adventure that allows trekkers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Himalayas.


Indrahar Pass
Photo by Ajay Sharma
  1. REGION: Himachal Pradesh
  2. DURATION: 5-6 Days
  3. GRADE: Moderate to Challenging
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 14,245Ft.
  6. BEST TIME TO GO: Mid-May to June, September to mid-October

The Indrahar pass trek starts from McLeodganj (Dharamsala) in the Kangra valley, passes over the impressive snowbound Dhauladhar range and ends at Chamba.

This trek offers a chance to have a close view of beautiful Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. This trek will take you through green pastures, dense Deodar and Rhododendron forests.

You will get spectacular views of sacred peak of Mani Mahesh Kailash and the snow-covered Pir Panjal Range to the north while to the south you can see the amazing Indian plains till the far horizon.

Moving ahead over the trek, you will find some ailing defined trail that will pass you through the Hindu temples and villages in the upper Ravi valley.

Trekking on this route will offer an ultimate adventurous experience as this trek comprises of continuous climbing often over boulders. Initially, this trek begins with a steady climb through the Himalayan region and turns into a steep climb.

You will experience walking through rich wildlife areas and witness wild goats, leopard and Monal bird.

Buran Pass
Photo by Shramona Poddar
  1. Max Altitude: 15,000 Ft. (4,572M)
  2. Average Trekking Fees: INR 13000 – INR 15,000
  3. Distance: 40 – 45 kms
  4. Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
  5. Duration: 7-9 days
  6. Ideal For: Experienced Trekkers
  7. Best Season: April – June & September – October
  8. Region: Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the magnificent Himalayas, the Buran Ghati Trek is a 9-day expedition that takes you to an altitude of approximately 15,000 feet. The trek covers a distance of approximately 45 kilometres, offering a fantastic blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural exploration.

The trek begins at Janglik village and takes you through dense forests, charming meadows, and remote Himalayan villages. The highlight of the Buran Ghati trek is crossing the Buran Pass, which stands at an impressive altitude of around 4,572 meters. The pass is often adorned with snow, making the journey even more breathtaking.

As you ascend, you will witness stunning panoramic views of towering peaks, including the majestic Dhauladhar and Kinnaur ranges. The trek also takes you alongside gushing streams, sparkling waterfalls, and pristine alpine lakes, adding to the scenic allure of the trail.

The Buran Ghati trek is known for its adventurous aspects, including traversing challenging terrains, climbing steep slopes, and camping at remote locations. It requires a moderate level of fitness and prior trekking experience. The trek also offers indulging opportunities like rock climbing and rappelling.

Along the way, you’ll have the chance to interact with the locals and learn about their unique culture and way of life. The trek concludes at Barua village, leaving you with lasting memories of the Himalayan wilderness and a sense of accomplishment. The Buran Ghati trek is a true gem for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking an unforgettable mountain experience.


Pin Bhaba Pass
Photo by Purvi Rajdev
  2. DURATION: 6 Days
  4. MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 17,250 Ft.
  6. BEST TIME TO GO: Mid-June to Mid-October

Pin-Bhaba pass is one of the most interesting treks. Starting from the thick forest and meadows of Kinnaur and ending in a barren landscape of Spiti valley you cross the high passes of Bhaba and Pin.

The people of Pin Valley and Kinnaur have been using this route for centuries for trade and this trek is very popular with shepherds.

The trek begins at Kafnoo in Kinnaur and crosses over the Pin Bhaba pass at 4865 meters.

The trail ascends along the left bank of the Wangar River after crossing a footbridge. The path climbs through single crop fields of Mastrang and passes through a mixed forest of conifers and temperate broad-leaved species of trees.

The trail climbs through little clearings of potato and buckwheat till it reaches the meadows of Mulling (3350 meters), fringed by birch and bird cherry, leaving the Wangar River far below.

From here the trail continues to Pistrang, a sheltered glade with a spring at one end and over a steep ascent to the pass.

The descent is more gradual to the Pin valley, over boulder-strewn glaciers, making it a sharp contrast to lush green Kinnaur.


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