5 Reasons why Fireflies Festival needs to be your next epic adventure?

fireflies festival

The fireflies festival in Maharashtra is upon us and to mark the celebration of the beginning of this beautiful phenomenon we bring to you:

  1. Some unique facts about the fireflies festival
  2. Where you can witness it on your own
  3. A list of events where you can witness the dancing fireflies in all their glory

What exactly is this phenomenon?

  • The fireflies are usually in the larvae form during the winter and are deep underground, they mature during the spring season which is generally the months of March & April, and they come out for mating in the late summer season and before the onset of monsoons which is around the third week of May to the first or 2nd week of June.
  • To explain it in a simple way, the fireflies glow at night and the light they emit is called bioluminescence. 
  • The main reason the male fireflies glow is to attract their female counterparts and to obviously show off and mate with them.
  • All the male fireflies have a different glowing pattern and if they do manage to attract a female firefly, she will herself start glowing in a similar pattern.
  • The other 2 reasons the fireflies glow are to attract prey and to scare away their predators.

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Where can you witness 1000s of fireflies glowing in Maharashtra?

  • Maharashtra or the Western Ghats are one of the best places in India where you can witness lakhs of fireflies glowing if you are lucky enough. 
  • You can head to these locations from either Mumbai, Pune, Nashik or any other city in Maharashtra to witness the fireflies glow in all their glory.

Prabalmachi is a village located in Maharashtra and is the base for the Kalavantin Durg trek and Prabalgad trek. It takes about 2 hours to 3 hours to reach there from Pune.

One can camp over there for a night to enjoy the fireflies festival and the next day you can hike Kalavantin Durg & Prabalgad and reach back home the next day.

Rajmachi is a popular trek in Maharashtra and can be done throughout the year, there are many campsites at the Rajmachi base. You can also hike the Rajmachi fort and visit the Kondana Caves along with the fireflies festival.


Samrad village is also the point where you start the hike to Sandhan Valley.  Ratanwadi village is the start point for the Ratangad trek. At both these locations, you can camp on your own or can stay at the homestays of villagers.

Purushwadi is a village near Nasik, Maharashtra which has recently gotten famous for ‘The Fireflies Festival’. There are many villagers here who provide stay and food options for the people visiting for the fireflies festival.
Dehne Village is another village that become famous recently for stargazing and the fireflies festival which is also a base for a lot of treks in the region.  

One of the most famous of all the places listed here is Bhandardara lake, people go camping here every weekend and is one of the biggest camping sites in Maharashtra. You can find many campsites and groups that organise camping at Bhandardara.

Kothligad or Peth fort is one the most famous treks in Maharashtra but one can also witness the fireflies glowing here, you can camp here for the night to enjoy this.

Fireflies Festival Events organised by groups

If you are someone who doesn’t like exploring on your own and prefer groups who have everything organised, we recommend you visit the following link and check out the multiple fireflies events being organised by various trekking groups and organisations in Maharashtra


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