6 Trekking Groups in Mumbai for your next Adventure!

Mumbai is one of the trekking hubs in the Maharashtra region, one of the reasons being it’s surrounded by the Sahyadris Range on the west. This is the reason there are many treks that start from outskirts of Mumbai. Are you a regular trekker? or have just begun trekking or have no clue about trekking? We have made a list of 6 Trekking Groups to make sure your treks across India are perfect.

Check out these 6 Trekking Groups from Mumbai

  • Treks & Trails Mumbai

Treks and Trails was established in August 2012. The founders were on an unplanned trip, just 3 passionate friends. In one of their discussion Treks and Trails was born. The methodology not being commercial but a Social Initiative.TreksandTrails, India is a growing outdoor and adventure company in Maharashtra India. Treks and Trails, India is a growing outdoor and adventure company in Maharashtra India. It is one of the pioneers when it comes to Trekking Groups in Mumbai.

Treks and Trails, India caters to various activities such as trekking, forest trails, Cycling, high altitude trekking, paragliding, Suba diving, Andaman tours, corporate team building events. They also conduct awareness about rural developmental. Assist as volunteers for a beach cleanup and conducting free Medical camps in rural Maharashtra.

Visit their website www.treksandtrails.org to know more about the events they organise every weekend across the Sahyadris. Treks & Trails are organising an Overnight Trek to Rajmachi and Kondane Caves this long weekend, to know more about the trek visit this link.

  • Mumbai Travellers

Mumbai Travellers once started as just a small concept to unite travel lovers from Mumbai, is today one of the largest Trekking Groups in Mumbai and one of the largest in entire India with a family of more than 44,000 happy travellers including their team of 40+ leaders, 3 Directors and office staff.

Today, Mumbai Travellers is uniting like-minded travellers to explore real zest of outing. Travellers get a variety of activities under one umbrella including thrilling adventure, informative treks, exciting wildlife safaris, nature trails, camping, life on wheels: biking-cycling, backpacking, offbeat & much more. To know more about the events they organise, visit their upcoming tours page.

  • Trek Mates India

Trek Mates India is an organization open for all those who have the zest for adventure, thirst for exploring the unexplored & creating their own paths to infinity. Their events vary from Trekking, Biking, Nature Trails, Photography, Rock Climbing, Rafting to other allied adventure activities. Visit their website to know about the range of events they organise. www.trekmatesindia.com.

  • Mumbai Rangers

Mumbai Rangers offers small group adventure treks for a younger crowd who want to experience treks, bike rides & tours in Sahyadris. The types of treks, bike rides & tours are the best way to discover this continent with a unique combination of sightseeing and adventure activities going “where the crowds can’t go.” They explore India on trips that take you to big cities, National Parks, beaches, small towns and many places away from the tourist routes. Know more about them here.

  • Travel Trikon

Travel Trikon is all about creating the best experience for everyone who chooses to be a part of their journey, each and every time. ‘Going that extra mile’ for their clients is not just a catchphrase, but their core operating mantra and that’s why they are one of the fun Trekking Groups in Mumbai.

They love what they do, and that’s why they are good at it! Proud to be travel junkies at heart, Travel Trikon is always super-excited to share the journey and create magic.

For Travel Trikon, fun is serious business, very serious. So rest assured, there is hardly a dull moment when you hop on aboard the Travel Trikon wagon. To book your next trip with Travel Trikon, visit their website: www.traveltrikon.com.

  • Carvan Trips

Co-founders? No. Entrepreneurs? No. Just travellers. That’s what Carvan Trips are.

A bunch of backpackers, a troupe of roadsters; hippies at the heart, trekkers to the core, soul seekers lost in transition and wanderers searching for a home, that’s who they are.

Like travellers, they offer you experiences that canvas the length and breadth of India. Unlike travellers, they are truly professional and some of them are trained for mountaineering, skiing and river rafting as well. And hence, they strive to curate unforgettable road trips for local and International travellers who would like to explore the best of India on road. Know more about Carvan Trips.

Make sure you book your next trek with these trekking groups to have a memorable experience.

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  • Jitendra Shinde
    August 22, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    We have started trekking for a social function.

    Why trek with us?
    The profits on this trek will be made for castle conservation and environmental conservation. We want to experience the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj along with cleaning and planting of the fort. So let’s go on an adventure! You can see all our information at the following website


    So please request that you take our trekking event to your website.

  • Mit Vora
    July 15, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    Please call me i am interested ina trek

  • aditi banbanjara
    December 7, 2021 at 8:43 pm
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