Visit to Land of High Passes and Valley of Lakes and Shrines

With beautiful names, it’s hard to miss the destinations of Ladakh and Kashmir with the Ladakh Tour and Kashmir Tour.
Ladakh, located in northernmost India, is known for its alluring natural landscapes, rugged terrain, and unique heritage.
The enchanting beauty of Kashmir is not hidden from the world and across the globe. The highest mountain ranges, including the Karakoram and the mighty Himalayas, surround the region of Ladakh.
The Valley of Kashmir is nestled in the Himalayas under the umbrella of azure blue skies with the snow-covered mountains as its backdrop.
The land of high passes has the coldest deserts in the world. Make incredible memories as you take click snapshots and enjoy adventurous activities like rafting, trekking, paragliding, and biking.
Magic engulfs the Valley of Kashmir in its rivers, silvery streams, freshwater lakes, shikaras, and cascading waterfalls with pine, chinar, and deodar forests. People also know Kashmir as the Switzerland of the East because of its natural beauty.
The trip to Ladakh is like the tip of an iceberg, filled with delightful places that overpower your soul and mind.

Lamayuru: Moonland of Ladakh

Photo by Kindred Pasana on Unsplash

Walk the moonlike landscape for real as you visit Lamayuru with the Ladakh Tour. It is many times referred to as the Moonscape by visiting tourists. Mahasiddacarya Naropa founded Lamayuru in the eleventh century.

The visit to Lamayuru is dreamlike, tranquil, and moonlike. It is known for its jagged landscape, insta-worthy stories, and the famous Lamayuru monastery, perched at three thousand five hundred and ten meters. The monastery has some of the most beautiful frescoes and masks.

Tourists can also glimpse the glassed meditation cave of Lama Naropa. Yuru Kabyat is the annual festival which is a major attraction of the monastery. Mask dance performed by the lamas is the major highlight of the festival.


Photo by Divya Agrawal on Unsplash

The most visited and a favorite with tourists on the wishlist of Kashmir Tour is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir- Srinagar is your only chance to enjoy a ride on the shikhara and swiftly glide over the peaceful Dal Lake along with a view of the city atop Shankaracharya Temple and a comfortable stay in the houseboats.

Srinagar is also the point of entry and departure for many pilgrim voyages, trekking bases, and hill station getaways. Do visit the Mughal Gardens, a masterpiece of grandeur located at the foothills of the Zabarwan hills.

Pari Mahal is a fine example of a terraced garden constructed in the seventeenth century. It offers a great view of the Dal Lake. The city of Srinagar is not merely famous for its temples and gardens.

It is also known for adventure-fueled activities like skiing, horse riding, paragliding, and trekking. Buy your share of Pashminas, wooden boxes, spices, papier mache bangles, and embroidered scarves.

The confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers

The ultimate guide for the Ladakh Tour takes a swift turn to the Sangam Point, located in the Leh region and one of the most famous tourist attractions.

In the barren mountains of the area, two major rivers of Ladakh merge at one point and showcases a heavenly view. Nimmu Valley is the location where these two rivers converge. The merging waters can easily be distinguished from one another by their colors.

The glistening blue color of the Zanskar River, which emerges from the Zanskar Valley, blends with the green-hued Indus as it has its source in the Indus Valley and lies near the Mansarovar range of the lofty Himalayas.

The best time to view the colors of the rivers is from March to May.


Photo by YASER NABI MIR on Unsplash

The Kashmir Tour makes the trip to Sonmarg or the “meadow of gold,” hassle-free. The beauty of Sonmarg reaches a new high during the spring season as there is a widespread bloom of the yellow crocuses.

This high-altitude tourist attraction houses the three famous rivers of Lidder, Sind, and Neelum. Also, it is the base camp for the trekking excursion of the Thajiwas Glacier.

Enjoy an exciting experience of river rafting on the gushing Indus River. Satsar Lake situated in the Ganderbal district of Kashmir means seven lakes. These are seven alpine lakes that are clustered and interlinked with each other in a cascading form.

Gadsar Lake at a height of five thousand meters with the captivating Himalayas as the backdrop. The lake of fish in Nimmu Valley is famous for housing the rare and endangered brown trout fishes and being flanked by mesmerizing alpine meadows, floating icebergs, and wildflowers.

Baltal Valley is the ideal base for the pilgrims as they take up the pious Amarnath Yatra on River Sindhi’s banks.

Tso Moriri

The scenic views of the Ladakh Tour continue as the tourists visit the Tso Moriri. This picturesque high-altitude lake is situated in the Rupshu Valley, flowing at an altitude of four thousand five hundred and ninety-five meters. It lies nestled between Ladakh and Tibet in the region of Changtang region.

The lake is a twin to Pangong Lake, with tranquil and scenic views of the mountains. The total length of the lake measures around 28 kilometers from north to south and is eight kilometers wide.

It would be best to have an inner-line permit to visit the lake. Tso Moriri can only be seen during April as the lake melts and continues to May, June, July, and August.

You can spot many birds in the area, including the bare-headed goose, the Brahmin duck, and the great crested grebe.

Tso Moriri is even known as the “mountain lake “as it lies at a towering height of two thousand meters which shuts it off from the outside world.


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