Boots & Crampons is a young yet well respected treks & expeditions company. With a legacy of leading climbing expeditions to the world’s highest peaks, and treks to the more remote corners of the globe, Boots and Crampons ensures world class mountaineering services while ensuring your safety, combining stunning wilderness of the mountains with the highest level of service and comfort.

Whether you are taking your first steps into the realm of the outdoors, or are a seasoned adventurer. Your experience with Boots and Crampons on an Adventure expedition will be like no other, helping you grow stronger and teaching you a variety of survival skills. The time now is ripe; let’s discuss your next life adventure.

We strive to offer the highest quality mountaineering expeditions and treks at a great value while focusing on our primary goals: safety, success, and enjoyment. We achieve this by bringing our extensive experience, knowledge and sources into the game.

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