Tricky travellers is a responsible travel community that promotes green Travel. We travel and encourage travellers in a way that helps in saving nature, wildlife and other commodities. We choose our journey to be local, calm and eco-friendly. We wish for the healing and perseverance of mother earth. For us travel is not just about visiting new enchanting places; it’s about becoming a part of that place, exploring each area, finding and advancing nearby craftsmen, attempting to take care of the issue of local people.

Our goal is to spotlight the importance of green travel and embrace it as a necessity, not an option. We are a responsible travel community working with an aim to minimize our impacts on the environment, local communities and wildlife. we promote Eating at local owned places, staying at eco-friendly places, we encourage people to buy eco friendly and organic products Because Being sustainable is just another way to show love to nature


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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